Welcome to The Cat Lounge in Whittier, CA.

Mary’s Kit-Cat Adoption Lounge, Inc.

Hello. My name is Mary Venegas and I love Cats!!

Happy New Year, 2024!!  I was hoping to be open by now, but due to CRAZY city regulations, I am altering my venue from a Cat Café to a Speak Easy Adoption Lounge.  My main objective is to rescue more cats!!  Every adoption allows me to rescue another friendly homeless kitten & cat.  


Our Mission

To rescue as many kittens & friendly homeless cats as possible and to adopt them into loving forever homes.    

How I got started

I was driving to work one day in 2016 and came upon a junkyard in Santa Fe Springs where there was a colony of cats. I spayed/neutered 41+ cats and was able to place (find a home) for all the kittens and a few of the friendlier cats. This began my venture of fixing feral, community, and homeless cats. This process is called TNR; “Trap, Neuter & Return”.

Now a days I do less TNR but more Cat rescue and Cat adoptions.  The supply of friendly homeless Cats is endless. With God's blessings and my Cat friends we are savings lots of Cats.   

If you'd like to visit the lounge and see our progress email me to make an appointment.   Volunteers are not needed at this time, but I welcome monetary & food  donations. Cat rescue is expensive!!   Thank you for your interest in our Adoption Lounge. I hope to meet all my fellow CAT LOVERS soon!!   


This year’s adoptions 2024:

Last year’s adoptions:

We rescued & placed 40 cats with families in 2023. We are saving one Cat at a time!!

We are a 501c3 Charitable Organization, Tax ID# 92-2045290